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Thread: Cormack’s new football philosophy

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    Cormack’s new football philosophy

    What an absolutely disgraceful performance on the football front from Aberdeen FC on Saturday afternoon. Everyone who played their part in that shambles needs a good long hard look at themselves and question what they got into football for. If that is our style of football then we as a club should just chuck it as no body whatsoever wants to see us play with such a passive and negative attitude. Not one shot on target at home on the opening game. The tactics were disgraceful and the players who went out to execute those tactics should be totally embarrassed by that.
    I am sure Cormack said we should expect an exciting brand of football at Pittodrie so the club would get numbers through the door. That performance deserved no crowd so it was apt that unfortunately because of the virus then your normal punter couldn’t get in so having no crowd was right.

    Better saying our new football philosophy is to wave the white flag because I certainly didn’t see anything to convince me our style and approach had changed!

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    Was watching the team of the decade on red tv before the game... Fergie talking about how he was embarrassed and disappointed when he first came in and players were celebrating draws against the OF and how he had to change that attitude. Strachan a bit later on said they eventually got to the point where they went out not just believing they could compete with the OF but that they were actually better than them.

    The current management regime have instilled an inferiority complex in the players - we go into a season “hoping to do well in the cups” and “being competitive in the league” - if the aim is to finish third, you’re basically telling the players we’re not able to beat the top two, we just need to try and win the other matches. So when you then go into a game against the OF you have a set of players who go onto the pitch as if they’re playing against Barcelona or something. The size of squad we have this season and the level of players (in name at least) that we have in the squad, we really shouldn’t be standing in awe of rangers.

    McInnes mentality is not in line with the mentality Cormack seems to be talking about. And it’s McInnes mentality that will run off on the players.

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    No matter what, our new footballing philosophy will NEVER be played against the arse cheeks or a team dek thinks is good in europe

    He just doesn't have the bottle

    (I'd actually add, when away from homr, the sh!t teams in Europe to that as well, we were awful against both ROPS and chikhura in the away games last season which were the start of the alarm bells)

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    The lack of any crowds this season is going to mask the lack of any crowds this season.

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    If Cormack wants to change things he wants to get rid of the two biggest sh1tebags in the Club, Milne and Mcinnes.

    That would be a start.

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    I’ve said many times I can take getting beat - it’s how we get beat that’s important.

    I’ve seen far worse teams than this AFC side put up far better showings against far better Hun teams in the last 20 years.

    Losing after having a right go & getting in the face of the opposition - cup final 2017 being a good example - & like I did that day I’ll applaud the team off the park.

    This negative, passive, no shots on goal pish can get in the sea though. I’ve really just had enough now tbh.

    I’ve no ST this year. Won’t be getting one.

    I’ll pick & choose some games to attend but I’ll certainly not be wasting my time or money on any games against the Tims - December Semi final included.

    Like the Scottish league in general, what an utter waste of time & money those games will be...

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