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Thread: Amnesty International sticking their nose in again

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    Amnesty International sticking their nose in again

    A.I warning Newcastle City Council ( a democratically elected body) whose responsibility is to promote and maintain Newcastle for its people, via attracting investment in the areas infrastructure. Although I have had some run ins with the council I still do not think they have violated any human rights. So whats it got to do with them.
    Quoted from wikepedia (I know)
    In February 2019, Amnesty International's management team offered to resign. The offer came after an independent report by Konterra group found what it called a "toxic culture" of workplace bullying, as well as numerous evidences of bullying, harassment, ***ism and racism. The report was commissioned by Amnesty after the investigation of the suicides of 30-year Amnesty veteran Gaetan Mootoo in Paris in May 2018 (who left a note citing work pressures), and 28-year-old intern Rosalind McGregor in Geneva in July 2018.[76] The Konterra report found that: "39 per cent of Amnesty International staff reported that they developed mental or physical health issues as the direct result of working at Amnesty". The report concluded, "organisational culture and management failures are the root cause of most staff wellbeing issues.".[77]

    The report said that efforts by Amnesty to address its problems had been "ad hoc, reactive, and inconsistent," and that staff described the senior leadership team as out-of-touch, incompetent and callous. Those signing a letter offering to resign were the senior directors of research, the Secretary General's office, global fundraising, global operations, people and services, law and policy and campaigns and communications. However, Amnesty International's Secretary General Kumi Naidoo did not accept resignations and instead offered generous redundancies to managers concerned, including to Mootoo's senior director Anna Neistat directly implicated in the report on Mootoo's death. Naidoo stated that his priority was "to rebuild trust at a dangerous time when Amnesty was needed more than ever".[76]

    After none of the managers responsible of bullying at Amnesty were held accountable, a group of workers petitioned for Amnesty's chief to resign. On 5 December 2019 Naidoo resigned from his post of Amnesty's Secretary General, citing ill health.[78] Julie Verhaar was appointed as interim Secretary General the same day.[79]

    So Newcastle council are not supposed to do their job while AI can reward bullies directly implicated in their staffs suicide

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    beggars belief.

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    What a joke.

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