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Thread: I have complete confidence that this coming season we will have the best squad .....

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    I have complete confidence that this coming season we will have the best squad .....

    ..... that f­uck all money can buy / pay.

    Wake me up when Jenkins / Nixon / Pattison have definitively f­ucked off.

    Then the best Cumbrian businesses will be back with sponsorship / advertising / collaboration. They are gagging for a post-buffoons era. Supporters will trickle back.

    It will be 'game on'.

    We may well have to wait a while for the inevitable and necessary cataclysm. Perhaps EWM capping their 'facility' and once more refusing to take any kind of communication from the buffoons would bring about an ultimately good result after the consequential substantial difficulties.

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    The test would come if we were on the verge of administration and, according to Clibbens, we aren’t. So EWM don’t need to do anything.

    And if you aim for average, that’s what you’ll get.

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    Clibbins does not tell lies. He is unpopular amongst supporters such that they ascribe to him more faults than he actually has. I believe him when he says that we are not [currently] on the verge of administration. That is because we are floating on the government's Covid 19 financial provisions.
    Come the start of the season with the financial provisions withdrawn and then there being restricted capacity ground rules we shall be struggling.
    Clibbins acknowledges that the various positive matters that nearly all clubs get such as business advertising / sponsorship / collaboration are inhibited whilst Jenkins / Nixon / Pattison are at the club in any capacity.
    I see almost f­uck all money flowing into the club whilst even poor League Two players can command a wage that is considerably greater than the national average.
    To believe that the Carlisle United squad will be average is the absolute pinnacle of optimism.

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