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Thread: Mark Jenkins interview on finance

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    Mark Jenkins interview on finance

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    A very good read Lloyd.

    A sensible CEO and a big loss to us I think.

    I think we may well be paying certain player X amount of their contract to simply f u c k off to free up money to invest in loans and free transfers.

    The clubs youngsters need to start getting a chance as well.

    I reckon we could be the richest club outside the Premier League in 12 months time.

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    Interesting and surprisingly candid interview. Basically saying we were f***** if we missed out on promotion. Would have had to cut the wage bill by 50%. Seems like we amongst many clubs should not expect massive transfer fees this pre season - makes a lot of sense with no gate revenues and other knock on drops in income. Survival next season is the aim for most clubs. At least with one year of Prem money and 2-3 years of parachute payments guaranteed we should be OK for the next three years and can look forward with relative confidence. Many will be very worried as this pandemic ain’t going away any time soon. In fact given our relative financial strength - apparently we don’t have a legacy Prem wage bill we offloaded last year -then we might be pleasantly surprised who becomes available player wise.

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    What he says makes a lot of sense but when in football did common sense apply?

    If for instance Villa sell Grealish, Palace sell Zaha and a few others go for lots then you can see these selling clubs willing to pay top dollar for top Championship players and then there will a trickle down effect. If Albion's strategy is to start the season with basically the squad we have (wot no strikers!) until late October then after 6 matches the only column less than our goals for will be our points! The top Champioship players (Eze, Watkins, Benrahma etc) having gone to SE25 or B6 that leaves the Albion shopping lower down the list.How many of these would hack it in the Prem? And what if prices don't drop?

    So yes what he says makes sense and yes I would like to see some sanity but unfortunately

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    If he was still in his post, he wouldn't have said a lot of this, but since he isn't he chooses to tell it all warts and all.
    Makes you question whether what you normally hear from people in their posts is anything like the truth, but we knew that already.

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