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Thread: O/T Legend. War hero dies.

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    O/T Legend. War hero dies.

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    What a guy. We shouldnt really use the words "hero" and "legend" in relation to sportsmen (although I'm as guilty as the next man in doing so). Those words should be reserved for chaps such as this.

    Absolute hero, and legend. RIP.

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    What bravery.
    Different generation.
    RIP and thank you.

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    My uncle was the same generation and roughly the same age.

    Joined East York’s in 1938
    Part of BEF so sent to France at start of WW2
    Evacuated from Dunkirk
    Retrained as a Bren gun carrier driver
    Landed in Normandy on D-Day
    Regiment fought their way inland but got bogged down outside Caen
    Wounded in action at Caen, medics evacuated him but the ambulance hit a mine killing all in it.
    Buried at Bayeux War Cemetery
    His name has recently been added to the new Normandy Landings Memorial

    He didn’t see his 26th birthday.

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    Well done, Yak. Respect.

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    RIP sir

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