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Thread: Interesting read! This email was forwarded to me

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    Interesting read! This email was forwarded to me


    Aisle seats will not be used throughout the stadium, this is to ensure there is no ‘brush past’

    • Looking to optimise number of supporters in each row, this will be by supporters (family/social) in a bubble. Max number in bubble is 6

    • With seat width of 460mm (stadium seats are 450mm), two seats must be kept unoccupied between every allocated seat.

    • A supporter sitting by themselves will use 5 seats, while a group of 6 will use 10 seats.


    The example above is based on seat width of 460mm, seats inside the stadium are 450mm

    • To give an example, the East stand hold 9,085 supporters; using the highest level of 6 in a bubble, capacity would be 2,500 (28% of supporters)

    • They then have to look at kiosks being open on the concourse, with a social distance of 1 metre, would bring the capacity to 894 in the East Stand. This is because the SGSA and SAG stipulate when considering the number of fans back into the stadium, safety officers must assume all fans will be on the concourse at any one given time. The SGSA stipulate the lowest number should be used to permit fans into the ground. The safety certificate would be granted on this provision.

    • For each double turnstile, only one turnstile will be open.

    • Temperature checks will be taken on approaching the turnstile, anyone who is identified as having a temperature will not be permitted entry to the stadium

    • Stewards will be at each toilet entrance / exit, toilets will be 1 way

    • A keep left system will be in place throughout the stadium

    • It is unclear if face masks must be worn in the stadium, all clubs are waiting further guidance from Government

    • The stadium will look completely different with lots of hand sanitiser stations throughout the stadium

    • The club are looking at the possibility of an area adjacent to East / West stand being opened where drinks maybe purchased, again there would be a keep left and stewards directing supporters.


    Q: How will I be able to book a social bubble?
    A: A trial will be put onto ticket master, you request your bubble by linking your loyalty numbers, this is the same way you purchased your Wembley tickets.

    Q: How will the ticket office allocate seats?
    A: Once everyone has input their bubble into ticket master, the ticket office will then allocate seats, row by row, ensuring safe distance is built in

    Q: Will we be able to sit at our own seats?
    A: No, the ticket office will, issue temporary seats,

    Q: What about supporters with restricted mobility that have their seats with only a few steps up or down to their seats due to mobility issues.
    A: At present nothing in system at Ticketmaster to detect those with mobility issues (disabled yes but not mobility). Club may review to see if on sheet for bubble application they could have tick box if any mobility issues, but not certain if this could be done.

    Q: Will I receive a new season card?
    A: No, you will receive an electronic ticket to your smart phone,

    Q: I don’t have smart phone or an iphone
    A: It is anticipated minimal supporters do not have a smart / iphone, separate arrangements will be made for these supporters

    Q: Will the premier concourse be open?
    A: Yes, the premier concourse will re-open during this period. It is important to optimise the number f supporters allowed back in the stadium

    Q: Will away supporters be allowed in the stadium?
    A: This is still under discussion, the club must wait guidance from both Government and the EFL, the EFL may advise visiting supporters must be allowed into the stadium, the decision may be with local SAG or each individual club, however, all agreed we would rather have home supporters only.

    Q: What about away games will clubs allow Sunderland supporters to attend.
    A: If EFL leave to clubs to decide then some clubs may not allow our supporters to attend keeping maximum capacity for home supporters. EFL decision is key to this decision.

    Q: Reports in the paper suggest alcohol be drank in seating areas, is this something Sunderland will allow?
    A: All options are currently being reviewed including pre-order of drinks, drinks brought to seats, all options are being reviewed

    Key Message

    This period is not normal, it is new to everyone, we all need to work together to be able to get back into the stadium. The club cannot guarantee areas of seating during this period

    Stewards will be there to help, please remember they are working to safety guidelines

    We as will all football grounds will be under close scrutiny by both the SGSA and SAG

    It is recommended by SGSA that a spectator’s code of conduct is drawn up and issued to supporter, it is likely to include:

    • At all time and in all parts of the ground, please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others not in your bubble
    • Arrive in good time to go though all the necessary entry procedures
    • Be aware your temperature might be taken before entry
    • Be aware should kiosks be open, all payments maybe contactless
    • Remain in your seat or place at all times wherever possible
    • If you do need to leave your seat, please wait for a time when the gangway is clear and always follow the signs indicating the way out
    • If you are seated, when moving past other spectators to and from your seat, please avoid face to face contact
    • Maintain good hand hygiene – use hand sanitisers and avoid touching you face, handles railings etc
    • Please cover your mouth if you need to cough or sneeze
    • Avoid hugs, high fives with people who are not in your bubble
    • Take care when shouting, singing or celebrating

    Going Forward

    Steve and the operational team want to continue to work with supporter representatives, many of you may know Steve from his time as Silver command at derby fixtures and may remember Steve worked closely with the BLC during these times.

    If you have any questions, please forward an email to your branch secretary, branch secretaries should forward questions on to the operational team.

    During the period of allocation of seats, Lesley and her team in the ticket office are going to be extremely busy, if we can have one route of questions into the operation team, it will help to support them and maybe something we can update all branches on,

    Steve, Lesley and Chris will work closely with the BLC and other supporter groups, they all believe it is important that we maintain open dialogue and meet on a regular basis.

    Please remember, with the best planning in the world, the Government could change things at

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    Sounds about as much fun as most places ATM, hope iFollow is available.

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    Who or what is BLC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grist_To_The_Mill View Post
    Who or what is BLC?
    Black lives committee

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    Branch Liaison Council.

    Email must be from Sunderland FC, or they copied their email and forgot to change that bit.
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    Is this too simple? Under 50yr olds like on the beaches seat as normal. Over 50's seat keeping a mtr apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gru View Post
    Is this too simple? Under 50yr olds like on the beaches seat as normal. Over 50's seat keeping a mtr apart.
    Like on which beaches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gru View Post
    Is this too simple? Under 50yr olds like on the beaches seat as normal. Over 50's seat keeping a mtr apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrinkly View Post
    Like on which beaches?
    He means deck chairs. OK unless a German team is playing

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    More obedience training.

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