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    new sponsor on the front of the shirt, downside is theyre another betting company, upside is its the biggest comm deal in the club history and theres no red on it either in word or colour (as far as I can see on the clubs website) and the logo itself looks alright as far as shirt sponsor logos go, i was hoping for 11sports as that is andreas company and would have been a fitting tribute for our first season back in the bigtime as reward for all his efforts in helping the club back there, but if i'm honest, i prefer our kit with no sponsor on it but thats just me. now its just the kit itself, PLEASE NO RED ORANGE PURPLE PINK BROWN GREY OR BLACK, none of these colours represent our club, for the home kit just a nice white kit with some little blue and yellow trims, green for the GK kit as its my favourite and lucky colour, and then for the away kit, focus on the blue and yellow, maybe use the white for the GK kit, and then the 3rd kit, which can sometimes be a non trad colour, would be a green one with the gk kit being a blue and yellow one, that would be the perfect set of kits for me, BRING IT ON!

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    Rather fancy the black away kits with a neon color

    several years back it was a neon yellow trim. looked great I thought

    this past years pink one looks sharp as well.

    agree that we should not have any red! for whatever reason not much on green as a kit color. Just think it's ugly paired up with any other color. always liked it for Keeps as it's not a color anywhere else on the pitch other than if the club you are playing wears it.

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    Just don't check their Twitter UK handle sbotop_Uk

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