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    We're likely to be facing the same kind of approach as we did against United. No prisoners will be taken by their defence; I'd start with White.

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    Not a bad shout. We'll need to find some way through a busy box.

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    If memory serves me right we have won one of our last ten league games hardly awe inspiring. My problem with starting White is we will end up just launching high balls up the field which is all very well if we are winning the second balls from White’s knock downs. But on recent showings that doesn’t seem very likely. IMO Hastie would probably serve us better coming off the bench, likewise maybe even Turnbull who looks if he already needs a rest.

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    White looks like nothing other than a carthorse - which is not today he won't have his uses over the course of the season but I don't see Robinson chucking 'the plan' so comprehensively after just two games.

    I could see Watt replacing Long, both wingers on their correct side, one winger and an inside forward a la Scott beside a number nine...there are plenty options more subtle that White.

    However, if it's a choice between that or more of the same, I am 100% pro launching!

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    Has to start with Watt - Long looks so far off the pace ATM. Bit harsh the 'Cart Horse' assessment on White IMO. More of a Clydesdale (!) ... plods on ploughing the furrow with not much of an inkling on what's happening around about.

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