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Thread: surely not

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    surely not

    Disrespectful, The Premier League ........................ tut tut as far as we know, none of the 40+ MP's who have written to the premier league have had any acknowledgment of any kind

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    W.A.N.K.E.R.S, and don't call me Shirley.

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    As far as I know no one has received any acknowledgements or replies and I know quite a few who contacted the PL. The stupid thing about this is the longer they hide the more guilty they look. They think this will go away like the takeover but it won't. The longer they hide the more chance they will end up involved in a public inquiry. We just have to keep the pressure on. If you have not already done it sign the petition,write to your mp, keep spamming the twitter accounts of the PL and their sponsors and keep contacting the PL itself. They are running scared but they will break soon. They will not be allowed to ignore the PM 40 MPs and over 100k petitioners

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    Before all this people were getting a standard stencil reply. Nobody getting anything now means one of two things are happening, either talks behind the scenes to get the takeover back on track or the PL are preparing a statement and wont rush it for the delicate situation around them.

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    They look guilty as it is.

    They are also pissing off people that are just as petty as them and will launch public inquries to distract from other situations.

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