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Thread: Bogusz and Shackleton sign new deals!

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    Bogusz and Shackleton sign new deals!

    as the title says, and its 3 years for Bogusz and 4 years for Shackleton, good to see these lads getting new contracts, important we try and bring them up the right way, these contracts hopefully help that to happen

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    Hope Bogusz shows his talent this year and pushes on.

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    Hope Bogusz goes on loan to Huddersfield with Corberan, want to see what he can do.

    Shackelton will be a big part of our season, need his energy in that midfield this season.

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    it will be interesting to see who corberan gets from us on loan, obviously he has great contacts having worked for leeds and as much as i don't like dudds town, at least its a championship team, fairly local, and Carlos will play our guys, he wouldnt be afraid to use them, he knows what theyre capable of

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