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Thread: Doncaster home 29/08/20 match thread

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    Doncaster home 29/08/20 match thread


    Perhaps you could move the two posts on this subject to here so they no longer ruin your prediction threads?

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    Good idea.
    Does anyone else think Chapman looks a bit overweight?
    He surely can't be, but he was quite skinny when we first had him on loan. I still think he might be useful as a final-quarter sub.
    Armstrong had one of those matches where he didn't look sharp.
    It's odd how he varies so much.
    I agree with Robin about Bell's good-and-bad, while Rothwell continues to madden. You can see he has loads of skill on the ball, but how often does he do anything decisive?
    Still, there were a lot of very decent performances, and Wharton seems to be growing in confidence. I think we should retain him now, as the cover centre-back. I am less uncomfortable about letting Williams go now.
    It's good to hear that Holtby's injury is not as bad as it looked.
    Incidentally, I've looked really hard at the highlights replay, and I don't believe there was the slightest contact by Lenihan for their "penalty".
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    I've no time for Chapman. Bone idle and just another winger with insufficient end product.
    Bell is a liability and needs to go.
    Still no sign of us being able to defend even against very poor opposition.
    How long must this go on?

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