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Thread: Chairman has done a runner

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    Chairman has done a runner

    In a surprise move Chairman Trevor Birch has quit the Swans and gone to Spurs.
    Somewhat fed up of Spurs and their poaching, there is a history.

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    ......and already there’s a replacement appointed -

    Seems the owners had notice about this as they have already appointed Julian Winter, but not as Chairman, as CEO, cheaper option?
    Winter has been around a bit with several clubs and has been plucked from Huddersfield.
    I thought Birch was in it for the long term, he was under contract and was also promised shares in the club as part of the package. He’s only been with us 17 months. The club says he wants to be near his family in London, believe that if you want, he was born in Liverpool, and why would he come to Swansea in the first place if his family didn’t come with him.
    He has seen the club through some tough times, but him leaving the job half way through says a lot about his character.
    I assume Spurs will have to pay compensation

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    It’s a fact of life where the rich clubs poach from the lesser clubs, be it manager, players or staff.
    Not that I like it but what can we do with asset stripping owners in charge, who would sell the kitchen sink if they could make a fast buck out of it. Obviously the compensation was too tempting.

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