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Thread: Lewsi, Wilson to the mags....and we sign ....Danny Graham??

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    Lewsi, Wilson to the mags....and we sign ....Danny Graham??

    FFS.... I thought I was reading an article from 2013 but No!!...we've signed up Danny ' No Goals' Graham again. Don't get me wrong, he was a 100% 'er in every game he played for us ( God only knows how bad he would have been if he was lazy..... ) but why, why, why??????

    I've seen more movement in a Subbuteo player............... oh, well, thrilling times ahead at the SOL.

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    Honestly, I think he could be a good signing for you. Playing in lgue 1 at 35 years old, hes got huge experience. Id be quite pleased.

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    Our business has been decent for where we are, tbf.

    For you, I think the only thing that could make it worse would be if he was a Newcastle fan.


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    Just been watching the Netflix thing, that disallowed goal v Burton was a pss take, reminded me a bit of the time Man City intimidated the ref into disallowing Tiote’s. I know the whole season wasn’t down to that but talk about getting no luck when you’re down there. Strange how it didn’t work out for Chris Coleman as well but it seemed like the rot was well set in before then.

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    Whilst I understand your pain. . .

    For that league with his experience and fact he wants to play for you. . . could of been a lot worse.

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