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Thread: Will The Welsh International Score Against Harrogate

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    Will The Welsh International Score Against Harrogate

    Will the welsh international score tomorrow or will he be rested? What about Sawyers and Livermore the engine room - will they need to conserve their energy?

    Wonder what Harrogate's strategy will be tomorrow - attack attack attack no doubt as they are decent with a caring owner who loves his club!

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    Donít be surprised if Muldoon scores for Haggirot ( as us born there tend to call it )

    Falkingham in midfield is a very tidy and combative player as well.

    If we take the p I s s and play the deadwood like Zohorre we will get done tomorrow night.

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    Will anyone score v Harrogate, we havenít managed it in the last 4 games

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    Albion might spot someone in Harrogate's team they fancy so we don't have to pay for Grant. Lose this game and Gallagher will probably change his mind about coming.

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