Bilic..“Unless we can get someone that I or we think gives us something we don’t have, then what’s the point?

“I would rather wait, I would rather wait to get the proper one - the one that we want, than get one just for the sake of doing it. With Covid the fact is, okay we hoped, we are still trying to make the best out of the transfer window.

“We were in a difficult situation - not just because of Covid - but we were in a difficult situation where we had to spend our funds to keep the players we had last season on loan.

“Then phase two is to improve your squad which you have to do because you are going to play one level up.”
Meaning that we are struggling to bring a forward in, his comment about ‘gives us something we don’t have’ is total *******s, Mr Bilic we have NO strikers at all, I can see us panicking and bringing in another Lambert/ Harrison/ Austin on deadline day.
At the end of the Chelsea game we will have no points, no goals and a minus 10 goal difference.
No money, pitiful owner = no chance