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Thread: Favourite 3 bond films

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    Favourite 3 bond films

    Mine would be
    Goldfinger no 1
    You only live twice no 2
    Thunder ball no 3

    Only like Sean Connery as bond should have stopped the franchise when he finished saying that the only 007 films I watch are with him in them anyway the rest don’t exist my world.

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    On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    Octopu s s y

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    Lol oz if Paul hogan played bond instead of lazenby you would have picked him.

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    For me ‘Bond’ has been a journey, mirroring my attitude to life. Enthusiastic youngster, loved everything. Moody ****, ambivalent towards everything that wasn’t Claret & Blue. Dismissive of anything that I didn’t like in my early to mid adulthood. And finally in my 50s, easily pleased.

    So when I was a 10, ‘Thunderball’ was my favourite, I loved films with Sharks in those days. ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ were thrilling.

    Roll on to my mid-****s, and I remember going to Kings Norton Cinema to watch ‘For your eyes only’, I thought it was sh1te.

    Late 90s I saw ‘Goldeneye’ and it put me off ‘Bond’ completely.

    Then recently, during lockdown, I binged a pirate box set of all Daniel Craig’s efforts, I loved 'em all. Hooked now and can’t wait for ‘No Time To Die’.

    The Man With The Golden Gun

    Why do they censor T E E N ???

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    I think Roger Moore's my fave Bond - I like his slightly more humorous approach.

    Having said that, 2 of my 3 faves are Sean Connery Bond's, but, actually, its because they've got my 2 fave Bond girls, Ursula Andress and Honor Blackman ...

    So ... Goldfinger
    Dr No

    George Lazenby was the best looking Bond though, and I loved that he fell in love in Her Majesty's Secret Service ... Hmm I must like Australian men (man ) nearly as much as Oz does. Giggles

    PS I saw Ursula Andress' bikini is set to fetch £400 K at auction!

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