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Thread: Time for massive change Soon!

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    Time for massive change Soon!

    I have stood by and supported Stephen Robinson long and weary but his time is surely now up. We are 2-0 up and let a part time team dominate and bully us out of a game. He brings on wingers but continues to get the team to punt high balls up the middle of the park. We have defenders who donít know what being goal side when marking opponents mean. Time for papering over the cracks with two cup final appearances has long since died out. We are in serious danger of becoming the next Partick Thistle and go into free fall down the leagues. Players like Alan Campbell wonít be hanging around much longer IMO having to play with the dross he has as team mates. I have written this aswe go into extra time and believe our only hope might be going to penalties, as we appear to have lost hope, determination and our pride sad days indeed when players canít get angry with themselves regarding their performances

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    This is nothing short of a disgrace and even if we do sneak through here, Robinson needs to go.

    I fully expect a penalty shootout loss here, we are utterly hopeless in that scenario.

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    In fairness to Robinson - as there's obviously a lot to criticise - he made an excellent change in the second half. We went from being under pressure in 3-5-2 to playing entirely in their half with 4-3-3. The game was won assuming you can handle them launching the ball 70 yards to our box - which you can never stop - but a schoolboy error cost us.

    However, even at 2-0 the performance could most generously be described as 'functional'...we have a bit of a free hit on Sunday but the St Mirren and Killie games are massive and after that it's decision time for the board.

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