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Thread: God is bigger than Elvis

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    God is bigger than Elvis

    There was a documentary about Dolores Hart a film star of the fifties and early sixties. She appeared with all the greats including Elvis Presley.

    She suddenly disappeared from the limelight and joined a cloistered monastery. When asked why, she said that God is bigger than Elvis, so true, not only bigger but infinately bigger. She was due to get married too.

    I feel attracted to that lifestyle, im not ashamed to admit it, its not going to happen in this lifetime though. When i look back at what ive done in my life i have to think i was bonkers.

    This message is for all you atheists out there. I dont care that you dont believe, but god does for some reason, it must be about the eternal battle of good v evil, that will never go away, and its on the front line where we are. But im looking to retire into a monastery next time around.

    Buster of Chettisham.

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    I’m not so sure Frank, I mean, did you SEE the size of Elvis before he died?

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    I also watched that documentary Frank,she was a beautiful woman to boot and could have had a longer life in Hollywood if she wanted before God called,the calling must have been strong to give it all up to be a nun

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    "God make me pure, but not now".

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