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Thread: Barrow match

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    Barrow match

    If we lose at Sc­unthorpe United and Southend United continue to have the worst League record in the top 4 tiers it would seem to be that the next match, at home to Barrow, would have a bit of stress to it, all things considered. A loss to Barrow would then be 5 losses out of 6 matches.

    The one win against an all round pitiful Southend United does not count for much.
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    If Barrow get a draw then CUFC supporters will be pissed off. If Barrow win then CUFC supporters will be apoplectic. For the Colchester match Barrow had their best striker on the pitch in a competitive match for the first time this season. He 'needed a match'. Next Saturday him and his colleagues will be gagging for it.

    Carlisle United 0 - 2 Barrow

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    It is of course possible that Carlisle United will win this match.

    It is equally possible that Steven Pattison will win a multitude
    of awards for diplomacy and he will win the Brain Of Britain contest.

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    Carlisle United 4 - 0 Barrow

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