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Thread: What we're worth!

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    What we're worth!

    Fascinating! Six times Norwich and a third more than Watford!
    Don't look at Barnsley though...

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    More what the club owners are worth, not 'we' as in RUFC. Probably a bit outdated as well seeing as it lists Tony's late wife.

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    I'm amazed at the Coates family who own BET365 worth 3.1 billion, allow Stoke city to flounder in the Championship.

    There are 3 of them that run/own the company. I'm sure where, but I read somewhere last year that the female of the 3, not sure if she married into the family, paid herself a whopping 270 million pound bonus last year.

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    Mmm yeah...ASD Lighting is worth $180m ..we're worth fk all. Kind of makes you proud that were owned by a bloke who got rich making things and employing people rather than investments and gambling. Well does me anyway. If that's his total asset worth then he is quite a generous chap underwriting a stadium and supporting our losses in league 1 a couple of years ago. I mean compared to me he is a rich as fk but I bet it's quite easy to piss away quite a chunk of that wealth on a footie club with only 8000 fans..when theyre allowed to turn up!

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