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Thread: Burnley v Manchester City Match Preview

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    Burnley v Manchester City Match Preview

    This could be the usual mismatch between the big spenders from the Etihad and our injury ravaged squad. The Citizens have already splashed out 41 million on defender Nathan Ake and are set to spend a further 65 million to capture Ruben Dias from Benfica. We can only dream of transfer budgets like these. Pep apparently set his side up against Leicester all lopsided and the Foxes were able to pick them off. No doubt he will rethink his formation so as to avoid being outfoxed again. Sean will put the kids on the bench again but hopefully they will get a chance to come on this time. What do we have to lose?

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    The scoreline could be embarrassing.I would probably put out a team with as much experience as possible.Put the kids in for their first games and it could destroy their confidence.

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    Itís the first time Pep has managed a team for the fifth year. Mourinho can only do two years. Could look like Pep might peak on the third. Donít really know yet. But I donít think Man City will be top 3 this year. Iím not saying weíll beat them but it sure would be a lot of fun and give our young players a real boost

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    I watched them last night OMG they were all over the place. Garcia would not have made into the old Great Harwood team on last night's showing.

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    There is never a good time to play teams like City with the resources they have available, however, this week is now made even more difficult because of their result yesterday. Pep will have them well prepared for our game and they will be out to prove a point, no matter what team is selected.

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    I told Pep he should spend his £40 million on Tarko and not Ake, who isn't fit to lace his boots, but he wouldn't listen. Ah well, what can you do, I tried, but you can't educate pork.

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    S.D Post match.

    "hasn't been any level of bids that needs answer"

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