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    Said that we would be ecstatic with the last gasp penalty. How much more out of touch can these people be?
    I'm starting to think they are all pretending that everything is fine and dandy at NUFC just to keep the wonderful PL show rolling on.

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    We all know that the majority of the media have absolutely no clue what's happening up here.

    Their eyes are fixed firmly on the North West and on London. They do the journalistic equivalent of phoning in a performance when they talk or write about us. Their agenda in this instance is that Bruce is their mate and is doing an absolutely stand-up job despite those ungrateful, unrealistic and deluded Geordies so they'll say whatever puts him in a good light. The facts are irrelevant to their story.

    It's like Trump being confronted with his tax-dodging and dismissing it as 'fake news'. Against all the evidence of their own eyes, they persist with their he's our mate, he kept you up when you all thought you'd go down, you've won the odd game or two so what's your problem' narrative...because it suits them.

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    yes when it was said, i said to Michael "ecstatic is he taking the piss?? i said yep we are laughing our heads off at spuds being mugged, but ecstatic - never

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