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Thread: Sloppy Kloppy gets Stroppy

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    Sloppy Kloppy gets Stroppy

    Not very happy with Roy Keaneís post much comments about Liverpoolís performance against Arsenal tonight. I donít really like the scruff but I have to agree Liverpool were dominant tonight. Arsenal took the lead but once they had fallen behind there only looked like one winner.

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    I have not got time for most of the so called "professional pundits" of which Roy Keane is one, its money for old rope.

    As for Klopp, there are not many Managers/Coach' who come across as honest and selfless as they think more of their ego than anything else.
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    Not sure who I dislike the most, the Irish Knob Jockey or old Pepsodent breath.

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    I'll go with the Irish Knob Jockey I think. W@nker.

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