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Thread: No crowds

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    No crowds

    What do we think-how is it affecting games?

    I think that there are two main areas of impact. The first is that players may be more inclined to be expansive or to try something a little out of their comfort zone or ambitious-whether that's taking a player on rather than passing back or making a higher risk pass or a harder chance. This could be one of the reason behind the record number of goals being scored as those things will not only affect a team's attacking mentality but, also, defences, especially if they are trying to 'play' a bit more.

    And that leads me onto the second area of impact-I think the lack of a crowd screaming at defenders to 'get rid' or shouting 'man on' at a midfielder, etc, has possibly led to a bit of complacency in some players (Isaac Hayden said as much). I think the lack of a crowd spurring them on-or keeping them 'honest'- has led to a greater number of sloppy passes or lack of chasing back or even being switched on as players are just not 'on it' in the same way as they would be with the crowd responding to their every move.

    Mind, I could just be talking shite.

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    Home Advantage no longer exists.

    I think we'll see a lot more upsets this season.

    We'll see players who are world beaters in training finally transfer that form on to the pitch on matchdays. Imagine if Shola Ameobi played in these conditions

    Definitely going to see players take more risks playing out from the back without the crowd.

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    Strangely enough, PL stats show that home teams are doing better with no crowds at the games in terms of number of wins, points gained and goals scored.
    But, a study showed that referees are giving more cards to home teams (yellow and red) without home crowds present, especially less experienced refs.
    So, up to now, it seems players are not affected by the absence of their supporters at home but refs (especially the less experienced ones) are certainly swayed in their decision making by home crowds.

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    Not a surprise about refs, they've always be susceptible to home crowd pressure.

    I think no crowds will probably help Joelinton, when he plays.

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