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Thread: Best on show ?

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    Best on show ?

    Lets be honest …. we’ve been utter carp for over a year and Robinson’s signings have been woeful.
    It is no surprise to find ourselves current position, regardless of injuries, as writing was on wall.
    We have not strengthened when had the opportunity. We have players playing out of there natural position We are predictable, our formation and tactics are dire, i.e. wingbacks … what wingbacks ?
    Others have recruited wisely and suggest with the addition fewer players than those Robinson has brought in. He has not a clue his best/strongest line up and why I’d not give him penny to amend a problem he has created.

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    Very hard to argue against such succinctly put points Das. And that's worrying ! I'm trying to stand up for Robbo, but it really is becoming more difficult as the results aren't turning round ...

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