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Thread: Thick Newsreaders.

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    Thick Newsreaders.

    Listening to the LOCAL news on TV at lunchtime.........the silly little bint reading the LOCAL news for the LOCAL people refers to the well known local town ( Cradley Heath ) as Crad lee Heath!

    How a local journalist couldn't either know or have been instructed by the programme editor that the correct pronunciation and the correct way of announcing the place is Crayd ley Heath is beyond me.

    More dumbing down in the race to appoint someone that ticked a box in terms of the PC brigade from the looks of it.

    Embarrassing for a local media outlet.

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    They can't say ''is it not'' or even ''isn't it'' anymore as they have to get down with the kids so they employ kids that speak like them ''innit.'' Pretty soon the media will only employ mixed race lesbians or homo***uals with the odd ''transgender/***ual'' chucked in for insurance. It does not matter if they are the best choice for the job or not, as long as the quotas are filled.

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    This is what happens when meritocracy is abandoned. Started with MP's, but it hasn't improved things at all.

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    I saw a bit of the re-worked Gillette Soccer Saturday or whatever SKY call it. The reason for watching it was to see if Clinton Morrison really is every bit as bad as everyone is saying he is. Having got my answer, I wondered how much this decision will come back to bite them in lost viewers for the only reason that the program quality has been significantly downgraded making it (for me) unwatchable.

    On the subject of quotas, I stand to be corrected but I think that the ECB are on about going down this route next year?

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    Just been watching House of Games on BBC2 and ITV newsreader Charlene White is as thick as ****e! No wonder I don't bother to watch the news anymore.

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    Anybody with just half a brain is deemed by many these days as obviously having had a privileged education and upbringing.

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