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    Excellent first half today. Overall too easy. Obviously someone had done their homework as we kept stretching them down the channels and hitting them with good deep crosses. Should have been 5-0 (or maybe 5-1 as they should have scored in the early minutes)
    Some excellent reading of the game as we kept picking off their passes through the middle.
    The stats are skewed in terms of possession as we let them have the ball for the last 15. Powell and Kirk both played tho' the former tired towards the end. Ainley used his skills effectively going forward and looked the player we've long anticipated. Let him start ahead of Finney.
    Hopefully Daniels is not as badly injured as it seemed. He looked pretty cut up about it tho'.
    Pickering was outstanding and showed his class. Can't believe we've still got him. Mandron was hard working and effective. Murphy stood out and had his best game yet. Perry was a bit reckless at times. To me Beckles is weaker than Daniels.
    Offord was so good again. What a player he's going to be.
    So game in hand on Tuesday. IF we win we go into the play-off zone.

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    Should add that we were lucky not to have more yellow cards. Murphy joined in with wrestling and Perry luckily missed a scythe not long after

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    Agreed pretty much word for word, particularly regarding the yellow cards, which Peter Morse had spot on.

    The thing that pleased me most was that Ainley and, to a lesser extent Powell, showed that we have strength in depth. Richards, however, would have had the opposition crowd chanting “dodgy keeper” on a couple of occasions even though he scarcely had a save to make. Lowery and Ports ran around and Ports almost touched the ball! Still, good to see them fit, if not match fit yet.

    MotM for me, amidst stiff competition, was Offord. He actually had something to do today and was immaculate with his reading of the game, interceptions and passing - so good he hardly had to make a tackle - and his first senior goal.

    We will have harder matches than our last two but can go into them confident that we belong in League 1.

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    Some good performances today against a poor Wigan team. Special mention for Charlie who put a "shift" in, both in attack and defensively. I liked Morse's comment when he won a header. "Kirk gets the header in, next time he should keep his eyes open".

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    Our best display so far this season. Performed well as a unit, particularly impressed with our left side. All the players put in a good shift. Shame about Daniels short stint. For the short time he was on the pitch he looked good. Hope it is only a minor injury. Powell looks as if he has goals in him this season.

    For me Ainley was MotM. Linked well with Pickering, Wintle, and Kirk. Brought out the best in Kirk. Ainley has so much talent in his locker and it is down to him to extend himself to maintain the high standards he is capable of.

    Yes Wigan were a poor side, but felt that we were just too good for them.

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    totally agree with all the comments with particular emphasis on Ainley, someone who has shown lots of potential but has not always had the game time he deserved. We saw a pivotal performance from him on Saturday and if that does not cement his starting place I'm not sure what will. What he needs now is a sustained run in the team to show what he is capable of. He has a lot of competition in there but Murphy, Wintle and Ainley could be a decent midfield in League 1, although we will have stronger teams to play than Wigan and MK Dons, so we shouldn't get too carried away.

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