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Thread: A shout out for Winnie.

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    A shout out for Winnie.

    Our Winne has been battling Covid for I think 9 weeks now and she's still very poorly. So I think she deserves a shout out from our Villa mad guys and gals. She's just as lovely in RL as she is on here.

    This will make you squirm or smile. Either way I win But seriously. Get well.

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    To the most likeable person around get well soon Winnie

    Love & best wishes Freer

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    Bl00dy hell Win, dig in mate. I’m sure that ‘Madders’ from all clubs will be wishing you well.

    Now, a good few plates of animal flesh and a crate or two of Stella, and you’ll be bouncing in no time .

    Stay strong Win.

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    Agh Winnie! So sorry to hear this. Makes your leadership of the Fantasy League all the more impressive. Keep your eyes on that prize and I hope you make a full recovery soon. This virus really is the pits.

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    Get well soon MW, were all behind you 👍

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    Wishing you well Winnie ❤️💐 and make ensure you take extra special care of yourself.

    The Warriors are doing you proud. 👍

    Love Rosie xxxxx 🥀

    ❤️ 💐 🌹 ❤️ 💐 🌹

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    Get well soon Winnie thinking of you

    Rock on

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    Oh, gosh, thank you so much everybody That really cheered me up. You are all lovely x

    It's a bit like a dog with a bone - I'm finding it really hard to shake it off but I know compared to others, I've got off lightly, so am grateful for that. Just a bit frustrated that I've been so careful yet still managed to catch the dratted thing.

    Exiled, I'm doing sitting on the floor juicing now as I can't stand up for very long. I wouldn't mind if I couldn't stand up due to drinking too much Stella

    Picasso and Rosie, I think my Warriors are very glad I'm too tired to tinker with my team - they say they are doing much better without the usual high level of interference from me.

    Oz, I'm smiling and squirming. You know you always win. Oz has been a trooper and a big support. He's even made a concerted effort to stop saying things to make me laugh, as it makes me too breathless, which, as we all know for Oz, is painful. Thank you, big man xx

    Thank you to each and every one of you for your kind words. It means a lot. xx

    Love Winnie xxx

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    It’s great to hear you’re coping Winnie. I wonder if there is some correlation between COVID and success in the Fantasy League? Don’t tell Bongo or he’ll be out in the bars of Swansea/Cardiff (or wherever in Wales he lives) in an attempt to catch it

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    Get well soon Win, hope you're back fighting fit soon hun


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