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    How can it be that our geneolgy thingy has changed? You had no norwegian before, but now you have. My spanish genes have dissapeared, it was 4 per cent, and now its nil. I had a trace of mid european jew which has gone as well as a trace of Finnish.

    Finnish has been replaced by 3 per cent of swedish. My germanic bit has increased dramatically, and my Balkan wotits have reduced. I smell a rat. How can i have significant spanish genes then not? If it shows up it shows up. it cant be erased. They explain it away by saying the testing is better, my ar se.

    I reckon its a way of keeping the customer interested and investing more money. By the way, you are genetically more scottish than english. I expect Hampden is your new home.

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    I don’t think they’re saying the testing is better, just that the increase in their database allows them to give more accurate outcomes. I did have Norwegian before; it’s gone up one percent. The huge hike in “Scottish” is and isn’t a surprise. I know that I’m part Scot, it’s the percentage that’s a surprise. I have McCracken and Allan in my ancestors, it’s obvious that there’s some, but I expected about a quarter Scottish, not a quarter English. But we’re all mongrels, aren’t we?

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