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Thread: What a window..!

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    What a window..!

    That's fantastic business on a budget. Well done TM and his recruitment team, and thank you Venkys for your extraordinary backing. We've given ourselves a chance of an excellent season.

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    A truly great window and with the start we have had,we have a great chance this season.

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    Yes sirrrreeeee!

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    I have to admit, this has been an excellent window. It really has. Getting Mulgrew out is massive. That helped pay for Douglas.
    This Elliott from Liverpool has such a huge potential. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do. It's all about the strength of the squad. The next run of 8 games proves how many will be involved and how crucial a big, quality squad is what you need. We now have 2 decent players in every position. Good balance of youth and experience. Top quality striker in Armstrong. Decent defence and keeper. And if they can get through until Travis gets back midfield wise until Jan then they have a huge chance of going for promotion here.
    I think they have looked at the poor standard of the division, Seen nobody has done any real business of huge note. And said the Venky's we have a good chance here.
    Venky's also today put 6m of shares into Blackburn Rovers FC.
    We are at this point 190m in debt to them. They will see the Prem as their get out financially. So why not at least give us that little push to get there, its not that far away now. Not with that squad of players.

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    I am a bit surprised by the Elliott signing. He has mainly played on the right wing, where we already have Dolan and Chapman.
    However, he is actually left-footed, so perhaps TM is thinking of using him on the other flank.
    Mowbray is certainly going for broke in terms of attack. When Dack, Butterworth and Vale are all fit, we'll have those three, plus Armstrong, Brereton, Gallagher, Dolan, Chapman and Elliott. To be honest, I still tend to think of Rothwell as more of an attacker than a midfielder as well, but he's doing a reasonable job of proving me wrong.
    Hats off to all concerned. This transfer-window has produced far more than I expected.
    I always tend to be cautious, but if we don't get too many defensive injuries, we should be capable of some kind of a challenge, although it's a bit of a bummer having Travis, Bennett, Rankin-Costello, Williams and Holtby all out at the same time.
    Still, the last three of those are only short-term.

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