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Thread: St Mirren game OFF

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    St Mirren game OFF

    St.Mirren have notified the SPL that they are unable to fulfil today’s fixture with so many players affected by COVID

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    What's interesting is they didn't meet the 13-player minimum partly due to other injuries as well. If the SPFL had said play or forfeit, how many of them would actually have missed out? I'm sure St Mirren are happy enough with the postponement.

    Even though this is now affecting us, I'm still pretty relaxed about the whole thing - priorities and all - but the decision not to decide on guidelines for how to handle this sort of thing before the season start is beginning to look absolutely ridiculous. It's still not decisive but wait till the Old Firm or those fighting relegation start having games called off in April/May...

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    I’d like to think our CEO will be contacting the SPFL early next week to set down a marker that ensures we are not disadvantaged by having to play postponed matches shoehorned into a short period of time later in the season when we could have players fatigued or missing due to lack of time to recover from injuries. We can probably cope with the two games postponed so far but if we suffer any more then that could cause us real problems. Get agreement now on what is to be done to cope with postponements, for example, extending the season, as there are likely to be more.

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    Herding cats will be easier than getting the clubs to agree on a way out of this mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwok View Post
    Herding cats will be easier than getting the clubs to agree on a way out of this mess.
    Absolutely right. But even if consensus broke out, events outwith football could knacker the best of intentions within days. Again and again, and unpredictably.
    Do we still have a Pools Panel?

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