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Thread: Norwich City Post Match Thoughts

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    Norwich City Post Match Thoughts

    We took an early lead, missed a penalty, held the lead for 65 minutes, scored another own goal and lost out yet again to a 90+ minute winner. Gutted is the only word that comes to mind, except for deja vue but that's two words. I think we are showing enough to prove we belong in this league. Cheer up, Norwich just needed a large slice of luck to beat us.


    PS Just like us I think FootyMad is running out of puff around 5pm on a Saturday
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    Deserved red for that challenge. Panic button pressed. SSDD

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    Another good performance, how unlucky have we been?

    Some great performances again Wiles, Barlasser Ike and Blackman to name a few.


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    We played well most of the match. Missed penalty crucial. Red card deserved, Robertson how did he miss that. Wheelchair Bob could have scored that. Crooks another one. Their pen nailed on. Missed chances will and are coming back to haunt us. I've said it before that we will struggle in this league,because we carnt put matches to bed. So I'm disappointed but it's not the end of the world. A few teams will go out of business this season so still having a football team to support next season is still the priority for me.

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    Best performance so far very promising bitterly disappointed we didn't get something from that game

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    Another game we did more than enough to win BUT

    1. We need to sort out a good reliable penalty taker
    2. Another own goal.
    3. The rash challenge for the sending off. There is no need for a rash studs up challenge on the feckin half way line. There is no way you will get away with it against an ex prem side.
    4 The substitutions. Why take s mac and miller off who had done a great job all game helping out in defence when we were likely to come under the cosh
    5. why bring on flo jo at such a crucial stage of the game presumably to give him a run.

    The lads were brilliant today but errors by Ladapo, Goose, icky and the management have cost us.

    MOMs: Barlaser spraying balls out and making things happen
    Blackman some good saves
    Tree best game this season
    S Mac here there and everywhere getting stuck in
    Miller dangerous going forward and quick to help out in defence.

    We shoot ourselves in the foot again and if we want to stay up its got to stop.

    In future I aint gonna watch the last few mins of our games. I will just assume the opposition will score a goal.
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    If its not bad enough succumbing to the dreaded covid, I have to watch us lose at death again.
    As Cam says we at long last look like we belong in this league. And probably the best team in the league needed luck to beat us.
    Blackman. Pulled some really good saves off, getting better each game.
    Harding. I like the lad another cracking game today.
    Ihiekwe. Cracking game, most unfortunate with the OG
    McDonald. Good game, good player, could have done without that tackle.
    Robertson. Did alright for me and caused some problems helping out the front men. His towering header opened it up for Freddie's goal, but he should have scored late on.
    McDonald. Was everywhere again, and he's making me eat my words, that's if I ever feel like eating again.
    Barlaser. Welcome back Dan, it's nice to have a player who can compete with the opposition skill wise
    Crooks. Had a better game today and needs to kick on now.
    Wiles. Another cracking game and getting better all the time, just needs to not give the ball away as much.
    Miller. Most I've seen him play thought he did but gave the ball away too much

    Lapado. That's what we want, he caused their defence problems and scored a lovely goal, shame about the pen but Krul is one of best pen savers in the world.
    Subs did well when they came on poor old Flo with a forwards tackle in the box.
    Overall disappointing we haven't added to our points, but we aren't going down this season.


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    I thought it was a wrong sub tbh, Crooks would have gone off first for me.
    Fully deserved red card
    Bad penalty, thought Barlaser might have been a better choice
    Keeper had a good game but you knew he wasn’t going to save that pen
    How did Robertson not even get on target?
    So bloody frustrating, apart from them errors I thought we did well
    Norwich will go nowhere playing like that
    MOTM S MacDonald
    Yellow Crooks (no surprise)
    Red Angus
    16th in table

    On to Tuesday for the 2-1 win then

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    The game changed for me on a really poor substitution when Miller, who had hitherto been providing excellent cover down the left, was inexplicably substituted for our new right winger, Josefzoon. Surely if anyone was going to replace Miller, it should have been Sadlier? If anyone was going to come off it should have been Wiles who spent most of the second half passing to Norwich.
    And what happens? Straight from the substitution, Norwich attack down the right where Miller would have been, nice cross and Icky places it in our net.
    The red card was diabolical and deserved. But even with ten men we still created 2 great chances but neither Crooks or Robertson had the quality to finish them.
    And then our new player gives the game away with a stupid challenge.
    Overall, we played much better and it was great to see us, at times, play some really good passing moves. BUT, if we don't wise up at both ends of the pitch, it is going to be a long hard luck story, instead of what could be a good season
    MOM 1ST half, Blackman
    2ND half Barlasser, we are such a better team with him in it

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    That just reminded me of another big plus. Barlaser is our player now!

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