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    Fat Sam

    - If PIF are still genuinely still interested
    - If the legal action is successful to pave the way for a takeover
    - If not being relegated is critical to the takeover happening

    Would anyone take him on to do his usual rescue act? Personally, I can’t stand the smug bāstard and all his baggage but - and I know there are a lot of if’s above and the takeover may well be long since dead - I actually think I would at this point in time. I agree with most of the points on the ‘Clueless’ thread and don’t want to repeat them here but if this helped everything fall into place, I’d rather not cut my nose of to spite my face and have the fat twät back for the rest of the season. I never thought I’d say this but desperate times etc.

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    No. Not in 273 billion years,

    It was the news/rumour that we'd approached him last Summer that finally tipped me over the edge to cancel my season ticket.
    He's done nowt but take the piss since he left us and never mind just my nose, I'd cut off any part of my body before I'd have him back.

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    not a chance!
    he just has a more productive method of Brucies tactics.
    Its still park the bus / long ball / players out of position crap.

    He just has better motivation skills than Bruce.

    If Mike Ashley decided to replace him this season, id hope he looked at someone who plays good football.

    Eddie Howe could do a good job i think but my first choice for a realistic chance would be Potter at Brighton, he's lightyears ahead of Bruce. His team tore us a new arsehole down the wings, id like to see what he could do with our set of players.

    I cant see Ashley getting rid just yet. Typically Ashley waits until its too late, i think it will be different this time round though, if the takeover is still on the horizon, if we are in trouble at Christmas, it will be bye bye Bruce.

    Ashley wont go to all the trouble of getting a potential takeover on track just for his own staff to **** it up and get us relegated

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    Wouldn't want him back, ever.

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    No one in their right mind would consider it, apart from Ashley and his mind can't be normal.

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    It'll be like the McClaren season-we'll leave it too ;ate to make a change-if we even do. Bruce is the perfect manager for Ashley-he won't kick up a fuss and will take all the flak for him. All the focus now is on Bruce and his appalling tactics and brand of anti-football-he's even bought into Ashley's 'deflect the attention onto Bruce' plan himself, ffs, by having a go at the dumb is that.

    There was a thread i saw today on Twitter where Bruce has got us at the top or number 2/3 of all sorts of negative-stat charts about fewest shots, most shots conceded, lowest possession, etc.

    i'd have most managers, out of work or not, ahead of Bruce....but not walrus face.

    Never again.

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