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Thread: Phillips Blow!

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    Phillips Blow!

    Out for up to 6 weeks (shoulder)

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    Massive blow,

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    A blow but If he is fit it should provide a great opportunity for Struijk- he has physical presence, seems calm, is two footed and can pass well with either foot. A few people seem to think Struijk is amongst best prospects coming through.

    If Cooper still injured will give Lorrente a chance too to show us what he can do.

    Wonder if Rodrigo will get a chance to play up front rather than in the holding role.

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    When I was watching it It didn't even seem like a free kick as to me anyway looked like he fell over to get free. Be interesting to see the incident again. If what I thought I have seen is true goes to show what stupidity it is to dive just for a free-kick.

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