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Thread: Spleen venting thread

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    Spleen venting thread

    I didn't see the game, due to working.

    Can't say as I feel too upset. I thought Charlton were better than us when they went up. I see no reason why, after a spell in the Championship, they would suddenly become a bad side. The second goal was always likely when we were chasing the game.

    Anyone actually see it who could give us an informed opinion.

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    I don’t know about informed but I'll try.

    We played well in the first half, got caught on the break but we were making plenty of chances with the new formation and looked like getting back in the game. Then at half time Jackett put Harness out on the wing and moved Williams in as the number 10 which just didn’t work. My thinking was wtf? Why change it? After that we had very little cutting edge and didn’t look like getting back in the game. What is it with Jackett and his bizarre half time changes? Once again imho he cost us the game.

    Whatmo was injured again and was replaced by the Dane who looked quite capable. Marquis back to his fumbling self. Williams was very good when on the wing in the first half as was Cannon. McG a couple of brilliant saves. Best player on the pitch was Charlton's Johnny Williams - I have always rated him. Definitely Championship quality at least.

    The ref was pants. A really nasty tackle on Johnson by their defender could be argued to be a red card and he wasn’t even booked. He let them get away with too much. Their left back could have gone as well for repeated fouling.

    Charlton are a good side and will almost certainly be in the mix at the end of the season but they didn’t outclass us. They have quite a few Prem loanees. We have the players, just not the manager.

    I think that’s about it. In summary a game we probably should have drawn but zilch thanks to our strange manager.
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    Cheers Corky,

    All sounds very likely, the highlights seemed to show us in a fair light.

    Given the thread title, you could have sounded more p1ssed off about it!

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