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Thread: Very Good free live football app

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    Very Good free live football app

    I found an app for my android phone that has live football regularly and most of the big games. Spurs v Brighton on now. It starts about KO time with no studio preview.
    Live Football Streaming HD. The audio commentary is seldom in English, but the video is usual TV quality. I would recommend you use a VPN to avoid the obvious. It is excellent value for money...considering it's FREE....every Yorkie's favourite concept.
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    One of those freaky quirks.

    all of the EPL games are shown here stateside. Either NBCSN or Peacock. Both channels are free is you have comcast which is one of the dominant cable providers in the US. They even have the replays.

    Sad that they offer here free and all of you have to pay some big bucks to see the games and can't even see them in person.

    Really ***ked if you ask me. some real cretins running the show.

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    The Leeds v Leicester match will be on the app I mentioned, in less than 2 hours. This is not one of those ads. I won't tell you that there's 11 women less than a mile from your location that want to meet you. I wouldn't recommend this app if it was useless. I often see requests for links so... if you want to watch can. You're welcome.

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