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    Well, I know nothing about Gillingham except that that odious man is their manager. Will there be an injury break at around 23 mins?? If they are true to his record, we may have struggled in recent years but I think we're made of stronger stuff now. However, we have to be pragmatic and consider how much we need the skill in the middle. Do we keep Ainley in or replace him with someone physically stronger? I think we also need a CH on the bench.
    Does Oliver play for them?
    With the rack of recent single goal defeats, I think we'll up our game upfront and score a couple. 2-1 to the Alex. Scorers Mandron and Finney.

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    3-1 win. Lowery, Mandron and Kirk. Gills are on a bad run, lets keep them on it.

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    Yes, it would be a crying shame to put their manager under more pressure, and with such an understanding Chairman too. I’ll agree with 3-1 to the Reds - Mandron, Kirk and Ainley with Vadaine getting their consolation.

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    Well that was awful! Despite that we should have scored 5 and that's not including the half chances. Worst performance of the season.
    Do we actually have a second gear? Gillingham obviously couldn't believe their luck, they didn't need to employ Evans's stalling tactics as the Alex did it for them.
    Also, basics seem to be missing. We didn't seem to have any intention of playing around the back. How many times did we get wide only to pull it back therefore narrowing the field of play and condensing everything. If you're a big team and pulling everyone back, there's nothing you like better than this and the soft chip into the air.
    That also was Perry's worst game yet. He seems unsettled and not fully focussed.
    As I said earlier, I feel sorry for Zanzala. He needs to be given the right forward place until Powell sorts his problems out. I used to like Dale but he's too inconsistent and not a goal threat. Zanzal we don't know but he must be able to make more impact than Powell.
    I'm also getting impatient with Kirk. It wasn't until 5 mins to go that he decided to get a shift in. He's also got to realise that he can't do little dinks ALL the time. There are occasions when it's okay to put some welly in.
    I repeat from the Lincoln comments that they need geeing up a bit more. We seem to have gone back to the performance/philosophy being more important than the result.
    I'm seething about the way it's going.

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