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Thread: Phillips No 2 needed

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    Phillips No 2 needed

    Hopefully last nights result, just a bad day at the office, but clear now, what a key role Phillips plays.
    MB has tried various players in his position, none really have looked natural, so unless a backup is signed in next window, the more games he misses, we just dont look & play the same.
    Shackleton, never a DM type, better attacking wise,
    Llorente, possible, but central defence hardly watertight, so maybe best there,
    Struijk / Casey, have all the attributes, but need time / coaching
    Berardi, if can regain fitness, dont think would be the worstcase, for the short term.

    Key role for the team, so ***** that a No2, sought.

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    No question he is a huge factor for us. Much better team with him in without a doubt. But...we didnt miss him much when we beat Villa 3 zip. Somebody must have been doing a decent job on that occasion. So we probably just have to give Leicester credit as being another step up.

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    Think Struijk can fill that role - he has presence and size and can tackle and pass and is comfortable on the ball.

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