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Thread: How did they do?

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    How did they do?

    Mcgilvray. A couple of shaky moments but no chance for the goal. 7

    Pring. What an excellent performance from the stand in! 9

    Raggett. Was able to concentrate on just doing his own job. 8

    Nicolaison. Cool as a cucumber. 9

    Johnson. Did nothing wrong defensively looked dangerous in their half. 9

    Curtis. Him and Pring linked well. 8

    Cannon. Probably his best performance for a while. 9

    Naylor. His passing was the best I've seen from him. 9

    Harness. Our best player, just. The cross for the on. 9

    Williams. Didn't rave about him in first half. Very good second half. 8

    Marquis. Doing what he was paid for. 9

    Mnoga. Looks a classy youngster. 8

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    Nice one, have a bit of that Voldemort

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    Agree with all of that plus

    Kenny 9
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    Difficult to mark a manager down on the back of a 3-1 win away from home.

    The manner of the win was just as important to me.

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