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Thread: What's the point?

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    What's the point?

    Don't worry...this isn't me in 'despair' mode (I think we've all gone past that )'s part of the title of the F365 article.

    With the Bruce/Ashley combination there's absolutely nothing to look forward to following us...absolutely nothing. Even getting a bit further in the Cup is a false hope as the first decent team we come up against will turn us over. The article makes a good point when comparing Bruce with Southampton's manager-one full of new ideas and innovation, the other a dinosaur with ideas that were outdated ten years ago and didn't work particularly well for him then.

    It's good, though, when others recognise the real reasons for our dissatisfation and don't resort to the usual absolute shite that the national mdeia come out with (this is all on the back of Lawrenson's comments yesterday about us all expecting Champions League football every year. )

    Anyhoo, it's a decent read:

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    To be honest, I just find it hard to care.

    The highest we can aim for is Top 10. My 11-year son asked why I support Newcastle and my usual answer just felt hollow.
    Covid football is drab. And our football is drab.

    Maybe the Premier League illuminati will change their minds and allow MBS to sport-wash us out of Mike Ashley's Hotel California of mediocrity.

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    I don't care like I use to.

    As I've said before, I now check the score but don't stay around to keep up todate or what live reporting.

    I can predict what we'll do.

    But aye, good article Zip.

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    I definitely know that Covid has added to the disconnect I feel with the club and, with you lads who live away, maybe it's easier to feel that disconnect even more keenly.

    But, I also know, that all the old feelings will return once Ashley has gone.

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    I quickly lose interest in games where someone is cheating or the rules arenít the same for everyone.
    Clearly this applies to the PL where there is a hidden agenda driven solely by money. That isnít sport IMO.

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    Mind, after hearing Lawrenson, Pullis, Savage and Chris Sutton all throw their support behind Bruce this weekend, you do wonder what the fucking point is.

    They just fall back on the 'unrealistic expectations/we should just be grateful to survive in the Prem' line with out paying any attention to the way we're playing. And all of this is just grist to the mill for Bruce as it bolsters his idea that his appalling tactics, style and selection is entirely justified. He's like Trump in his absolute denial that anything is wrong and that everything is something or someone else's fault.

    Watching Villa on MotD really pissed me off-as did watching Southampton on Friday because it showed us how football could and possibly should be played. `I don't think our first team is as good as either of those two but Bruce's 'style' of play is selling the players we do have short. We have some good attacking talent but use them so badly that there's no point having them-and it won't be long before we have problems in the dressing room.

    The players-especially the attacking ones-will be so sick of playing such shit football-most shots against, fewest shots for, most long balls apart from Burnley, lowest possession that, if they're not doing so already, they'll be thinking 'what am I doing here'...and they'll want out.

    On the face of it, 3 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses is a solid start but, every one of us knows that those two draws should have been losses. Gonna be a long Winter.

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