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Thread: Petition to stop VAR

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    Petition to stop VAR

    Will you sign the petition to bin VAR?

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    No, I like VAR, and the Swans would like it too, as we’ve been on the end of some very poor refereeing decisions over the years.
    In the PL and in the Championship it didn’t matter, we always suffered with biased refs, and still it continues
    I would like it introduced in the Championship too, it’s much fairer for our team.
    Remember Rotherham up there season before last, two dubious penalties in the last few minutes when we were leading 0-1.
    Remember Man City in the Cup at home. We were leading 2-0 and the ref allowed an offside goal and a soft penalty and we lost 2-3. Sterling dived in the box, Aguero penalty hit the post, then hit the goalkeeper and into the net for an own goal. Aguero offside goal in the 88’
    Guardiola: “I'm sorry it was offside. I don't understand why VAR is not used in this competition at this stage. Hopefully next season this won't happen. The penalty was really lucky but you need it, especially when you're in four competitions."

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