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Thread: To the fools on S2 - regarding Wilder's future

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    To the fools on S2 - regarding Wilder's future

    I can't believe the talk of him being sacked. Have you lost your minds? Just how fickle are you? Give your heads a f**cking shake. The absolute state of some of the threads on there...... at a time where online is pretty much the only place we can support them.

    If Wilder has the appetite to continue, he should stay. Simple as. And I think he does have the appetite. He's just understandably deflated by what is a global sh1tshow, after all his hard work and progress. If we feel this, how the hell will he feel?

    If any manager could have earned a poor season, it's him.

    And a lot that has made this season poor is out of his control. The no fans and the injuries mainly. Fixtures unkind too.

    There are things he could have done better. Our recruitment has been plain bizarre. And he seems to be getting increasingly stubborn.

    But we can't let him become a victim of his own success. Please let's not be that fickle, that disloyal. This always happens with football fans. Let's be different. We overachieved getting promoted in the first place. We majorly overachieved last season. And we're at the very bottom end of the budget/wages table in this league. Don't forget that. Might be sick of hearing it, but it's true. This team, especially with the absentees, is far more Championship than PL. Yes much of that is down to recruitment, but what's done is done.
    If we start properly getting on his back, that's the best thing we could do if we want to piss him off, damage his appetite and his will to continue giving this job everything. And it will only make him more stubborn. So let's not. Say exactly what you think he's doing wrong, obviously. But as soon as we start making noises about wanting him sacked(!) - and it doesn't take many - we're shooting ourselves in the foot.

    If the scandal of empty stadiums is to continue and we can't be there to support them, the least we should be doing is staying strong through this period and supporting them in any way we can. Apart from Lunc*nt at least - f**ck him.

    Wilder got us here and he's the best man to keep us here and establish us here.

    We fell apart when we lost Warnock, and Wilder is far better than him. So for me it doesn't bear thinking about.

    Right now, we need to nick as many points as we can from the lesser teams and just get to January.

    And in January there's no room for error.

    We need to take a long, hard look at recruitment if we haven't already. Since promotion it's been inadequate. A shake up might be needed in this department. There is no way on earth we can carry on recruiting poorly and expect to survive in this league.

    Adjustments might be needed. But that doesn't include the manager. We lose him, we lose everything. He remains our greatest asset.

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    Well done to that punctuation hating retard ormerster for his thread in particular.

    F**cking moron.

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