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    Molineux Stand

    Hi Wolves fans. I'm writing a book, Lifted Over The Turnstiles 2, a follow-up to a book I did a couple of years ago about old football grounds (and why the experience of watching games there was better than it is nowadays). The new book is mainly about Scottish football grounds, but will have a chapter on grounds south of the Border, including (of course) Molineux.
    I have some photos of how the ground used to be. I can't, however, seem to find definitive info on how long it was that the John Ireland stand was 100 feet away from the pitch. When was this rectified? And, in fixing the problem, did Wolves move the pitch, or was the JI stand demolished?
    I imagine the pitch was moved, as the JI stand is now the Steve Bull Stand, isn't it?
    Please excuse my ignorance guys.

    As an aside, I'm loving the fact that Wolves are now back to being a force in English football. That's how it was when I was a lad, and (from my Scottish viewpoint) football in England never looked right without Wolves in the top division.

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    Steve you are correct in saying that the John Ireland is now the Steve Bull. Yes the pitch was moved over nearer to the stand. The John Ireland Stand was built separate to the ground behind the existing stand . A road went between the two stands and the old one with the pitched roof was knocked down during the close season. I will try and do some digging re dates etc. Hope this helps.

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    It does, indeed, help clarify the situation abbobrom, thanks very much.
    The way grounds looked, and the way they were built and pieced together, is all very different to what goes on nowadays, aye?
    All the best from Scotland. Cheers.

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    Steve, The John Ireland Stand was opened in 1981.

    This may help::: If you go onto Molineux Mix and in the top right you will see a box for search. Type in ,Molineux Redevelopment, There are about 300+ posts from forum members and some pics of the old ground and development ideas.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks very much brother. Much appreciated.

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