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Thread: V The Posh.

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    V The Posh.

    A very good result this afternoon, thought Kirky took his goal well, this kind of result can only breed confidence one of the strongest performances for a while, make no mistake, The Posh are a very good side who score freely that performance augers well for the rest of the season.

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    Have to say I am pleased that at last we got a win we badly needed. Against the league leaders as well.

    For some reason The Posh decided to not turn up on the day. They were so flat and very rarely threatened. They gave us a simple and easy win. Yes some of our players put in a good performance but honestly we were given the game.

    Where are all our other supporters? Thought they would be celebrating the 3 points.

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    Posh were a bit flat but the difference was in the approach of the Alex. In all those 1-0 we've been a little slow and ponderous as well as safe, preferring a pass to the goalkeeper rather than risking a pass through a small gap to someone who was in an advanced position. After the initial 2 minutes when Posh passed swiftly around, we stepped up a gear and got in their faces and looked for the gaps that were there. I think Posh were surprised and expected our usual slow possession game and so found it difficult to adapt. We were aggressive, forward-looking and full of flair in that first half and they couldn't live with us. However, the greater response was in the second. The organisation displayed when boro had the ball was phenomenal. The whole game was a masterclass.
    This morning there was a whole page in the Sunday Mirror (presumably expecting a Posh win). Unfortunately they gave MOTM to FINNEY!
    An insult to Wintle who was imperious, throughout. Was worried about Wintle early in the season but yesterday's performance was outstanding. I can forgive Jaskelainen's 'almost' error from that shot as he had very little to do.
    Hopefully there's no bump to follow on Tuesday

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    Oh dear me do people still read the Sunday Mirror. MOTM to Finney, must remember to book an appointment for the reporter with Specsaver tomorrow. That is a perfect example of why I stopped reading newspaper reports on football years ago.

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    The reporter in the Football League Paper was only marginally better - 5 points to pretty. I have every Posh player and 6 to each of the Alex, with 8 to Kirky! I wonder what matches these reporters watch sometimes.

    I expected a decent game of football and wasn’t disappointed. OK, they weren’t at their best, but you have to give the Alex credit for at least part of that, as Darren Ferguson did in his interview on their website, which is well worth a listen to - so refreshing not to hear “well they won because we were rubbish” but “we weren’t at their best but they are a good side with good players and a manager who knows what he’s doing”. Well said Fergie. And they didn’t try kicking us to stop us either.

    As for the match, Wintle was outstanding but it was also pleasing to see that those players who have been underperforming thus far stepped up a gear or two. Perry was back to something like his best, Powell was much more positive and Beckles didn’t try too many extravagances - seems like someone has convinced him he ain’t Beckenbauer after all!

    Reall enjoyable match, really enjoyable performance and, if I must, a referee that wasn’t over fussy, let a few things go that some might not have, kept his cards where they belong and let the match flow. Now if only Dave could let the stoppage time thing go.....

    One last thing, cracking line from Pete Morse about the Beano!

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