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Thread: Which of our players will leave in January?

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    Which of our players will leave in January?

    Nothing's changed and Ashley is still out to make some coin. Especially now that he didn't get the sale of the club through.

    So who's ready to go?

    Personally, I think Saint-Maximin is our best asset and he won't leave until the summer. But if things don't change, there will be better clubs coming after him.

    Maybe Almiron? Even Dubravka?

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    Miggy’s the hot favoirite obviously.
    I agree that other ‘purples’ should only leave in the Summer.
    I think Covid’ll be a factor and buying clubs may well wait a bit until things prove before shelling out large amounts of money. On the other hand, some smaller clubs may be forced into selling their star players more cheaply.

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    Dubravka won't leave for a while if he has anything to do with it. Good mate of mine lives (almost) next to him and has had several chats with him. He said one of the main reasons he wanted to come here was because of Pav-who's his hero-and he wants to be here 10 years and become a hero like Pav.

    I wouldn't blame any of them for leaving, though. Playing for Bruce in a league where everyone else seems to be trying to be more expansive (to varying degrees-I don't think you could apply that phrase to Burnley, for example) must be like walking past high end car showrooms to meet a mate of a mate who's going to sell you the 1985 Mini Metro he was going to scrap.

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    I think the players who have contracts that run out in the summer will be the first ones to be offloaded so they get a fee for them.

    I genuinely cant see Miggy leaving in January at all. His agent is getting the ball rolling but we shelled out £21m for him and one thing is for sure, Mike Ashley will not sell him on the cheap, he will want to get way more than we paid. Ashely will want at least £30m and given everyone is tightening their belts financially, i can see anyone paying that for him

    Unless he has a release clause

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    any that have any sense and any ambition. unfortunately - on the other hand none of them - or very few- have shown any other clubs that they are worth buying so possibly none of them !!

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    Well that's a good point....a number of our players are, in fact, Mini Metros instead of, well, even a Golf!

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    Miggy is obvious one but don't think we'd let him go cheap, so don't see it.

    I think this Jan will be a quiet window as clubs don't want risk spending money.

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    After seeing Darlow play so well Dubravka leaving wouldnt be such a worry as it would have been last season. Was reading more about Almiron but he has not said a word himself so we will see.

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