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Thread: Dealing with the Public

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    Dealing with the Public

    Don't you just love them?

    Obviously I have many stories of my own to tell but I heard a really great one yesterday, optician based of course.

    We don't do the hard sell here so fortunately our refund rate is very low.
    Mostly based on "my chummie diznae like them" etc.

    Mrs. Donsdaft used to work with posh wifies clothing so has many stories of west end ladies trying to return a hat on a Monday after the wedding was on the Saturday etc. (caught bonnie in a photo in the Evening Express)

    I remember, when I was working for Duncan and Todd in Dundee once, a woman going beserk because she couldn't use her husbands new glasses, apparently she could see fine with his old ones.

    Anyway back to the original story.

    Woman walks into an optician, loudly demanding a refund on her new specs....because.....wait for it....she's had constant diarrhea since she got them.

    I'm afraid that beats any of my anecdotes.

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    Was it a run on bifocals by any chance?

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