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Thread: The opposition view - Crawley

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    The opposition view - Crawley

    We’re dirty northern b­astards apparently.

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    Fouls them - 20
    Fouls us -15

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    Now, apparently, we live in slums.

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    According to the Crawley manager on BBC Radio Suss­ex "They wanted it more than us".

    FFS Suss­ex is an inhibited word, just like Sc­unthorpe, Wastw­ater and Vit­al.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil_McDonalds_dick View Post
    According to the Crawley manager on BBC Radio Suss*ex "They wanted it more than us".

    FFS Suss*ex is an inhibited word, just like Sc*unthorpe, Wastw*ater and Vit*al.
    Sorry to change tack a bit NMD, but can you remember when Kenny Hibbitt was inhibited?

    Saturday 19 April 1975.

    Carlisle United 1 v Wolverhampton Wanderers 0.

    Dennis Martin (on the wi-ing) with the goal after 45 minutes.

    Attendance 9,707.

    Dennis Martin had a knack of scoring memorable goals. Has to be one of the all time great Scottish footballers.

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    Someone on that Crawley forum referred to us using The Dark Arts, which is very pleasing to read because up until now we have been the only ones not to use such methods. This is a team that is now competent but still learning.

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    if they are blaming a three nil defeat at home to having to play the game ninety minutes early then it's all down to sour grapes which was confirmed with a bit of name calling
    It's good to see Carlisle and Cambridge doing well this season

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    They've got a cheek, frankly.

    Two of their players got away with sending off offences yesterday. Firstly you had the late "tackle" on Mellish by their midfielder (the one who looked like a greasy pikey). Then you had their brutish centre-half blatantly stamping on Kayode's hamstring after pushing him to the ground.

    Additionally they had Hesketh? I think his name was, running around like a child, throwing himself pathetically to the ground crying into the referee's ear all game like a little girl.

    And let's not mention their sending off, so blatant nobody from their side even complained.

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