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Thread: Music quiz

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    Music quiz

    Find the song.

    No googling!

    One attempt each, until someone else has posted.

    Artist and title needed for the full point.

    I planned each chartered course.

    On her ship, tied to the mast.

    How your garden grows.

    What I find is pleasing and I'm feeling fine

    And the morals that they worship will be gone

    Just wrap your legs 'round these velvet rims

    You tell me your life's been way off line

    When your old man had let you down

    There's too much pain and too much sorrow

    This city desert makes you feel so cold

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    My way

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    Frank Sinatra

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    Here's another one...

    I get the same old dreams,
    same time every night
    Fall to the ground and I wake up
    So I get out of bed, put on my shoes,
    and in my head thoughts fly back to the break-up
    These four walls are closing in
    Look at the fix you've put me in

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    Since you've been gone. Rainbow.

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    No6 is Born to run by Springs****.

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    No10, Baker Street. Gerry Rafferty.

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    No2, Golden Brown. The Stranglers.

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    Something wrong with ****??

    Oh FFS

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