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    Vested interest in Alliance with the Rich!?

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    Am I correct in saying EVERY VAR decision this season from Richarlison's goal to the 3 yesterday have ALL gone against us. Not saying they were all wrong (Johnston did come off his line) just we have been on the wrong end.

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    VAR should, in my opinion, operate in a similar manner to cricket. Each captain has two appeals per half, in most circumstances, VAR is only used if a captain requests it but a referee could use it, for example, in a potential red card situation. In yesterday’s scenario, the referee awards us a penalty and that decision will stand unless either captain requests a review; VAR take a look and then inform the referee that there is no clear and obvious error on his part and the goal should stand. Only if the player had gone down with clearly no contact should the referee reverse his decision. Similarly, at the other end, United are awarded their penalty and our captain should have the right to use a review (if he has any left) to appeal that decision based on the foul in the build up.

    No what would be wrong with a system such as that?

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    Thats why VAR is so great! It takes away all controversy and silly decisions are no longer a feature of the game

    Terrible decision you'd need to be an Octopus to intentionally handle the ball when its behind you ! thought you played well & deserved something from the game

    Robinson was so unlucky with the effort that crashed against the bar don't know why de Gea bothered diving for it there was a perfectly good net behind him to stop it !

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