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Thread: Fate?

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    I was thinking about this since posting about “disasters” last night.

    It was a highly unusual set of circumstances that lead to me meeting my wife in March 86.

    It was the one occasion where I could’ve been given the perfect opportunity to both see her and get to speak to her as explained on the disaster thread.

    Her parents house was right in the middle of my patch and I used to run past it most nights whilst out training but can’t ever remember seeing her or anyone coming to or from the house even though I always admired it and had been past it hundreds of times.

    Only a late decision by a group of us lads ended up putting us in the same place on the same evening.

    The course of my life would probably have been so different if I hadn’t met her, I can’t think of anyone else who’d have put up with me for so long and I’m sure I’d have divorced at least a couple of times.

    Fate certainly has a “fickle finger”.

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    First Friday after pay day a group of us used to go night clubbing in Central London. I couldn't make it on the usual Friday and told the rest to go ahead. They said no just put it back a week. Went to our favourite club but the queue was so long we went across the road instead. At 1.55am and very drunk I asked this girl for the last dance (no wonder these youngsters need dating sites when there are no slow dances.) I asked if I could see her the next night and we agreed to meet in Croydon.

    She was convinced I was so drunk I wouldn't remember and the train ride from Bromley would be wasted. Her flatmate told her it would be rude not to go so she changed her mind.

    So I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and she needed convincing to even turn up. As we lived 12 miles apart in London our paths would never have crossed. That would have been a disaster.

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    My wife, son and I were flying home from home from San Francisco. A couple of hours into the flight the pilot came on and said ‘there is a problem’ and he was turning back to SF. I just felt pi55ed off and didn’t think too much about it. I could sense the atmosphere change on the plane and some starting grumbling loudly. As we were coming into land at SF I leaned over to look out of the window with my son. In the final moments of the approach I remember seeing fire engines racing up the runway following the path of the landing plane. We were both interested in looking at what was going on. I turned to my wife and stupidly said ‘Look at this, there are fire engines!’. She looked terrified. Very odd experience.

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